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billy cancel is a Brooklyn based poet/performer & sound /collage artist. His 2nd full length collection BUTTERCUP TANTRUM MUTTON ENCORE is out on Broadstone Books. His debut full-length collection MOCK TROUGH RASPING CROW was released by BlazeVOX [books] in 2018 & included in LitHub’s end of year 2017 “my favorite poetry” list. cancel’s poetry has been widely published, appearing in Blackbox Manifold (UK), Bombay Gin, Boston Review, FOLDER, Lungfull!, PEN America,  The Rialto (UK) & 6x6 (Ugly Ducking Press) amongst many others.

His visual poetry artwork has been recently published most recently in Vellum Magazine, Map Literary, Word For/Word, Dear Sir! (Berlin) & Maintenant,. In September of 2017 cancel contributed 25 minutes of audio to a collaborative recording of the poem “Flow Chart” in dedication to John Ashbery which was featured in Poetry Foundation & is now archived at PennSound. 

In July 2017 cancel read as part of the Dial-A-Poem John Giorno Marathon at Red Bull Arts New York. billy cancel also self-publishes & distributes his chapbooks through Hidden House Press, most recently Psycho’clock, which was released in 2016. He performs his poetry regularly (both as readings and costumed / propped performance pieces) and is a member of the Poetry Project, where he has attended workshops & read at the New Year Marathon in 2010 & 2015. In December 2019 cancel and his poetry were featured in London fashion / culture magazine HERO under the article title of “New York’s new poetic voice: Billy Cancel.” In April 2021 billy cancel was poet in resident on the vessel Mary A Whalen in Red Brooklyn as part of the Poets Afloat reading series.

billy also utilizes his poetry practices into multi-disciplinary & performances contexts & with his wife Thursday Fernworthy (Lauds) he performs as the noise-poetry duo Tidal Channel (Bronson Records 2018.) In November 2019 Tidal Channel performed their noise poetry sequence BUTTERCUP TANTRUM MUTTON ENCORE at Ravenna Museum of Art, Italy as part of Transmissions 12 Festival’s Off series. In Summer 2017 Tidal Channel wrote & performed “Upon A Wooden Horse In Rode Headless Multi-“a 15 minute noise/poetry piece for the opening & closing of the Eotechnic Sensorium sculpture exhibition at Widow Jane Mine, Rosendale, New York. In fall 2013 cancel wrote & performed a significant role in Marianne Vitale’s ‘The Missing Book Of Spurs’ which ran for 5 nights & was a commissioned work presented as part of Performa13.

In 2014 his video poem “you beat all round the bush for electronic crop” was used by Rutgers English lecturer Dr. Michael Leong in his course Introduction To Multi-Media Composition. In Autumn 2015, cancel performed at RECESS Gallery as part of the Poet Transmit series - a live taping & transmission of manipulated video feed curated by the experimental mobile television studio, ESP-TV. Later that year ESP-TV showed 2 of cancel & Fernworthy’s video poems as part of their broadcast at the 2015 Marfa film festival.  As part of the 2016 Liverpool Provocations Art Festival cancel also contributed to ‘4 WORDS’ where a short poetic statement of his was broadcast across Lime Street Station, on Europe’s largest motion digital screen. In October 2018 cancel’s collaboration with VJ Jim Tuite “rockaBILLY whole world gone CANCELed” was included and shown as part of the 12th Druid Underground Film Festival.

A B B R E V I A T E D    C V
Published Writing (abbreviated)

Dead End Zine, June 2024

Bombay Gin,  December  2023
swifts  &  slows,  September  2023
Maintenant  17, August 2023
Great Weather for MEDIA,  August 2023

Maintenant 16, Three Rooms  Press, August 2022
The Writing DIsorder, September 2022
The Rialto , August 2022
Ghost  City Press (micro chap series)
The Woven Tale  Press, July 2022
Indicia , June 2022
Biscuit  Hill, June 2022
The Hunger. May 2022
Stride Magazine  (UK) March 2022
TRNSFR Sip Cup, March 2022
Grey  Sparrow Press . January 2022

erbacce poetry journal, October 2021
Maintenant 15, Three Rooms Press. August 2021Word for Word, August 2021Great Weather for MEDIA, July 2021The Mantle, May 2021

BLACKBOX Manifold, June 2020Otoliths, June 2020
SAND  Journal , May 2020
Indolent Books, May 2020  
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2009 – and prior
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Split 180, November 2008
The Text, Summer 2006
Full Length Releases
BUTTERCUP TANTRUM MUTTON ENCORE, September 2022(Broadstone Books)

Chapbooks + Print Releases (abbreviated)while the LANDSCAPE sorts  itself out, August 2022 (Ghost CIty Press)
PSYCHO’CLOCK, May 2016           
GAUZE COAST, February 2015   Headless Multi Vs. Perpetual Interface, February       2013INNOCENT TEETH, November      2013Razzle Dazzle Transfiguration, August 2012A Little Sweet’N’Now Upon The Knife’s Mouth? , March 2011The Book Of Little Calm, January 2011The Autobiography of Shrewd Phil, September 2010 (Blue + Yellow Dog Press)Arrow Pointing Left, September 2010126 Scholes St, May 2010           A Series of Etchings Displayed, January       2010New Charms, November 2009Don’t You Open That Trap Door, July 2009Scan Cluster Scan Scatter, November 2008A Faster Stay, August 2008                                  Expecting the Hits, March 2008                                                
Audio ReleasesX Dressing At The Radar Base, Tidal Channel, Bronson Recordings, April 2019 LURE: Folktales Vol 1, Tidal Channel, October 2017Soft Glitter Cosmos Needs a Pig War, Tidal Channel, Bronson Recordings, May 2017New Charms, Tidal Channel, December 2015II, Tidal Channel, January 2015  
ROCKabilly whole world gone CANCELed (with Jim Tuite) Druid Underground Film Festival October 2018 
‘Blue Jab Because’. The Jivin’ Ladybug, October 2015.‘x dressing at the radar base’. The Jivin’ Ladybug, May 2015.‘Charged By A Black Knight’. Altered Scale, March 2013  
Flow Chart, John Ashbery Tribute Recording, PennSound, September 2017 
ORNAMENT Reception, group show. New York, NY. December 9 - December 30, 2017.ORNAMENT Reception, group show. New York, NY. November 24 – December 11, 2016.Digital Installation for Lime Street Station. Liverpool, UK. Alan Dunn’s ‘4 Words’ curated by Metal Liverpool. January 20, 2016.Videopoems  “ALL OVERGROWN SHOULDER HIGH WEEDS”  and “SPIRITUAL”   for ESP-TV Broadcast in Marfa, TX. 2015.Work of Billy Cancel cited in Rutgers English Literature course: Guide To Multimedia Composition, October 2013.Work of Billy Cancel cited in Mythogeography by Dr. Phil Smith, pub. 2010 by Triarchy Press. Interviews:2019 HERO2019 Brooklyn Poets2017 Great Weather For Media2017 Artistas Sean Unidos 2014 Great Weather For Media

Performances (poetry abbreviated)
Tidal Channel at Disorient Fest  -  Sat   25th May  2024
Tidal  Channel  with  Martin Bisi band  -  Thu 9th  May 2024
GWFM Anthology release, Hudson  - Sat  11th  November  2023
MAINTENANT 17 release. Jefferson Market Branch Thursday 2nd November 6-8pm
Great Weather For MEDIA Anthology release (Zoom) - Sat 28th October 2023
Boog City Festival, Bar 718, Brooklyn Monday 11th September 23
Notes From The Rock Underground, KGB Bar, Tuesday 5th September 23
BTME (Tidal Channel) with Painted Faces, Hart Bar, 26th August 23
GWFM Anthology Party The Parkside Lounge, 6th August 23
NYC Poetry Fest Broadstone Books The White Horse Stage, 29th July 23
NYC Poetry Fest great weather for MEDIA Algonquin Stage,  29th July 23
A  Persistance of  Comorants  (billy  cancel) at Gowanus Dredgers, 25  June  23
performance (billy cancel) at  Greenpoint  Open  Studios,  B  WW&B ,  10  June 23
BTME  (Tidal Channel)  Greenpoint  Open  Studios,  B  WW&B ,  10  June 23
BTME  (Tidal  Channel)  Disorient  Country Club,  Catskills, 27  May  23
BTME  (Tidal  Channel)  with  Demonstrator  at  Alphaville,  11  May  23
BTME (Tidal Channel) Uncontaminated  Aggregates, Wolves United, 11 March 23
Risk of Discovery series - Fabula Café, Queens, 17th Jan 2023
Red Wheelbarrow Reading Series, Rutherford, NJ  Weds  4th  Jan, 2023
Poet Voice Sucks,  Broadway Comedy Club, Sunday 18th December 6pm 2022
Phoenix  Reading Series - Shades of Green, Monday 28th  November  7pm 2022 performances in support  of  L'ODGE D'OOR,  Village  East by Angelika, NYC Friday 11th November 2022 / Saturday 12th Nov 7pm 2022
Broadstone Books reading series (zoom) Saturday 15th October 2022
Maintenant 16  release show,  Jefferson Market Library, NY,  Thursday 13th  Oct 2022
BTME (Tidal Channel) @ An-aesthetics, Widow Jane Mine, Friday 5th August 2022
Notes From The Rock Underground, KGB Bar, Thursday  4th August 2022
Poetry  on the Patio, Brooklyn Woodwind and Brass, Sunday 17th July 2022
(online) Sunday  6th March  2022
3 Rooms Press, DADA Maintenant release (online) Thursday 25th October 2021
Great Weather for MEDIA - Paper Teller Diorama release. (online) Saturday 20th November 2021
BTME (Tidal Channel) @Enduring Apocalypse, Abrams Arts Centre, 16th October 2021
BTME (Tidal Channel) @ Ambient Chaos, Pleides Gallery,  7th October 2021
BTME  (Tidal Channel) @ Bohemian  Grove,  Brooklyn 25th September  2021
BTME (Tidal Channel)( @  Old Timers,  Brooklyn, 18th September 2021
great weather for MEDIA 10 minute series  (online,) 18th August 2021
Floating series, KGB Bar, 26th June 2021
Poet's Afloat Reading, South Seaport - Tall Ship Waverley 3:30 23/05/2021
The Neverland Ranch 22/05/2021
Open House, Grand ZERO (2 sets) 06/03/201
GWFM Animal but Merciful anthology (online) 26/02/2021
Gabe Kruis Book Release @ Park Church Co-Op, 22nd November 2020Synthesia Gallery Reception @ 7th November 2020
Didcot A online  presentation, Industrial Archeology  sessions 5 22/9/20
Liminal Neighborhoods online presentation, Walk Don't Walk pyschogeog fest 4/9/20
Three Rooms Press Dada Livestream 27/8/20
BTME (Tidal Channel) @ Dixon Place, 3rd March 2020Rock Night @ The Red Room, KGB, February 25th, 2020NYE Party @ Louisville, KY, December 31st 2019Christmas Fete @ The Dance, Dec 21st 2019Transmissions IIV @ Ravenna Museum of Art, Ravenna, Italy Nov 22nd 2019Pre-Halloween Poetry Night @ The Red Room, KGB, Oct 30th 2019  Life*Vest* Poetry @ Richmond Hood, Staten Island, Oct 18th 2019 Auteurism - Splatter House! @ GG's Social Trade, Oct 10th 2019 Great Weather For Media @ 61 Local, Sep 26th 2019 Poetry on the Patio @ Brooklyn Woodwind 'n' Brass, Sep 22nd 2019 New York Poetry Festival @ Governor's Island, July 27th , 28th 2019Denim Skin After Party @ The Red Room, KGB, July 27th 2019MAINTENANT 12, 3 Rooms Press @ Poisson Rouge, June 13th 2019 Poetry on the Patio @ Brooklyn Woodwind & Brass, June 8th 2019 Melissa Goodrum Book Release Party @ Parkside Lounge, May 16th 2019 Undead Tuesday @ Lady Stardust, March 25th 2019 AH Presents 2nd To Last But 2nd To None @ Sidewalk, Feb 6th 2019w/ Steve Dalachinsky & Matt Mottel  @ IF Museum, Easton, PA, Nov 3rd / 4th 2018(the Enclave) @ Club Cumming, Oct 27th, 2018NeuroNautic Institute @ KGB Bar, Sep 27th 2018New York Poetry Festival @ Governor's Island, July 28th ,29th 2018FINGER DEXTERITY @ Invisible Exports, June 20th 2018GWFM @ Parkside Lounge, June 10th 2018 Oilcan Press @ Jazz ‘N’ Print, June 9th 2018MAINTENANT 12, 3 Rooms Press @ Poisson Rouge, 6th June 2018 Greenpoint Open Studios @ Brooklyn Woodwind 'n' Brass, 2nd June 2018 MAINTENANT 12, 3 Rooms Press @ Cornelia Street Café, 1st June 2018 with Ed Go, Michael Whalen @ Brooklyn Windwind 'n' Brass, 19th May 2018Summer Stock Issue #9 Release Party@ Kingston Artists Collective, Kingston, 19th April 2018Steve Dalachinsky Book Release for GWFM @ Parkside Lounge, 5th April 2018COOL AS F*** Reading Series @ Pete's Candy Store, 27th March 2018with An Evening Of Poetry With Todd Colby @ Picture Room, Brooklyn, 1st February 2018Justice Is Compassion (with Steve Dalachinsky / Jane Ormerod, The Clemente, Lower East Side, Dec 14th 2017Thomas Fucaloro / Julie Haag Chapbook Release, Mad Gleam Press, GAMBA Compound, Brooklyn, NY, Nov 10th 2017Phantom Wall, AWA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Oct 7, 2017Eotechnic Sensorium, Widow Jane's Mine, Rosendale, NY, Sep 16, 2017The Other Side Of Violet Book Party, Great Weather For Media, The Parkside Lounge, LES, NY, Aug 17, 2017POSTporn, Mad Gleam Press (Tidal Channel Performance) The Glove, Brooklyn, NY, Aug 3, 2017New York Poetry Festival (for Hidden House Press), Governor's Island, NY, July 30, 2017Dial-A-Poem, Red Bull Arts, Manhattan, NY, July 29, 2017New York Poetry Festival (for Mad Gleam Press), Governor's Island, NY, July 29, 2017Gabe Raines Book Launch Party, Muchmore's, Brooklyn, NY, July 27, 2017Eotechnic Sensorium, Widow Jane's Mine, Rosendale, NY, June 25, 2017Oktave Doctor's Release, 240 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY, June 17, 2017Maintenant 11 Launch Party, Cornelia Street Cafe, New York, June 2, 2017To Tie A Ribbon RIghtly, The Park Church Co-Op, Brooklyn, NY, May 29, 2017 Poetry Reading For The Nothing Generation, KGB Bar, New York, NY, May 20, 2017Time For History (Todd Colby Launch Party,) Picture Room, Brooklyn, NY, May 2, 2017Phantom Wall Fundraiser, TBD, Brooklyn, NY, May 1, 2017Independent Press Showcase at GAMBA, Brooklyn, NY, April 22, 2017Post(blank) Vol 2 Release Party, GAMBA, Brooklyn, NY, March 11, 2017Impossible Reading Series, Safehouse, Brooklyn, NY, March 5. 2017Illegal Fashion Runway, White Box, New York, NY, February 14, 2017ARTS FOR ART Series. 6 BC Garden, New York, NY. October 4, 2016.IDIO Gallery. POST-paper Launch Party. September 29, 2016.URGENT BARDS reading release. New York, NY. September 10, 2016.Unnameable Books for Boog City 10 reading release. Brooklyn, NY. August 5, 2016..6th Annual NYC Poetry Festival, for Hidden House Press, at Governor’s Island, NY. July 30 + 31, 2016.Wombat Cabaret. New York, NY. July 21, 2016.Torus Porta Closing Marathon. Brooklyn, NY. July 1, 2016.Le Poisson Rouge. Maintenant 10 release reading. New York, NY June 7, 2016.The Old American Can Factory. ‘PSYCHO’CLOCK’ release + reading. Brooklyn, NY. May 27, 2016.Torus Porta. Brooklyn, NY. April 29, 2016.Sauvage Gallery, for Et Al Readings. Nashville, TN. April 10, 2016.Duke University. Brickside Festival. Chapel Hill, NC. April 9, 2016.Muse Collective/Muse Exchange. Bay Shore, NY. March 8, 2016.BC Studios. BC35 Recording + Performance. Brooklyn, NY. January 17, 2016.The 8th Floor. Clifford Owens performance. October 17, 2015.Pacific Standard. Brooklyn, NY. September 30,2015.Recess Gallery. Poet Transmit, for ESP-TV. September 3, 2015.5th Annual NYC Poetry Festival at Governor’s Island, NY. July 25 + 26, 2015.The People’s Garden. July 26, 2015.Cornelia St. Café. Maintenant 9 release reading. New York, NY June 5, 2015.The Sidebar. Infinity’s Kitchen release. Baltimore, MD. May 14, 2015.Cornelia St. Café. Neuronautic Institute Presents. New York, NY. April 17, 2015.Rough Trade Records. For Frogbelly + Symphony record release. Brooklyn, NY. March 18, 2015.Word Bookstore. GAUZE COAST release reading. Brooklyn, NY.February 18, 2015.Babycastles Gallery, for Triptych Readings. New York, NY. February 12, 2015.Zinc Bar for Lungful! Magazine. New York, NY. February 1, 2015.Mellow Pages Library. Brooklyn, NY. January 29, 2015.41st Annual New Year’s Day Poetry Marathon. St Mark’s Church. New York, NY. January 1, 2015.Magnet Theatre for Kiss Punch Poem. New York, NY. November 29, 2014.Conlin Barn. October 18, 2014.Deep Tanks. Staten Island, NY. October 5, 2014.MV Studio. Long Island City, NY. September 25, 2014.The Silent Barn for EXPERI-MENTAL FEST 6. September 28, 2014.Suburbia for Hatchet Job XXIII. Brooklyn, NY. August 26, 2014.The Studio. Staten Island, NY. August 24, 2014.Poets House. INNOCENT TEETH reading + release. New York, NY. August 16, 2014.4th Annual NYC Poetry Festival at Governor’s Island, NY. July 26, 2014.Parkside Lounge. Great Weather For Media Presents. New York, NY. June 22, 2014.University of Illinois, TAG14: Theoretical Archaeology Group. Champaign- Urbana, IL. May 25, 2014.Cornelia St. Café. Maintenant 8 release reading. New York, NY. May 7, 2014.Pomegranate Gallery for 3PO3TRY NYC. New York, NY. April 12, 2014.Parkside Lounge for GREAT WEATHER FOR MEDIA release. New York, NY. August 28,2013.The Old American Can Factory, for Infinity’s Kitchen release, New York, NY. June 13, 2013.Tompkins Square Park, for the 10th Annual HOWL! Festival. New York, NY. June 1st, 2013.Yes! Series. Albany February 22, 2013.Manitoba’s. GREAT WEATHER FOR MEDIA release. New York, NY. November 28, 2012