Tidal Channel at Disorient Country Club  11
Upstate New York
Saturday 27th May
details at: disorientcountryclub.github.io 

Reading at Persistence of Cormorants
Dredger Series, Gowanus, Brooklyn . Address to  follow
Sunday  25th  June

6B  Garden (6th  St  and  Ave  B ,  East  Village)
5-8pm Saturday  15th  July

Broadstone Books
The White Horse Stage, NYC Poetry Festival
11:30am Saturday 29th July

great weather for MEDIA
Algonquin Stage, NYC Poetry Festival
1:30 pm Saturday 29th July


2nd full length poetry collection
out on Broadstone Books - click on cover


While the LANDSCAPE sorts itself out

new micro-chapbook out now on Ghost City Press
(August 2022) click on cover



"New York City’s new poetic voice: Billy Cancel" - I'm featured in London Culture / Fashion HERO Issue 22.  click pic for interview 'n' poem!

HERO pic


Tidal Channel performed our noise poem BUTTERCUP TANTRUM MUTTON ENCORE at Museum of Art Ravenna on 22/11/19

A bizarre figure with his face covered in feathers moves against the backdrop of an imposing work by Chuck Close, decrying noise-poetry tracks in a sour and marked English, accompanied and at the same time hampered by the sound interference of his doppelganger crouched, almost hidden, behind him: it is no coincidence that one of the highlights of the twelfth edition of Transmissions takes place far away (not much, for the truth, here is always within reach of legs) from the Almagi, ex-fireworks factory Darsena and the main venue of the event. We are in Ravenna, at MAR, the evocative Museum of Art of the city, where in the late afternoon of Friday 22 November, to act as the ideal turnaround of the three-day festival, performs in a performance site specific the Anglo/American duo Tidal Channel. - In Ravenna Broadcasts quite noisy - Matteo Staffardi, 24 Magazine 


BUTTERCUP TANTRUM MUTTON ENCORE performance extract (secret Brooklyn location Mar 11th 2023 


can't Ping Pong away these LOOMING REGRETS
so stoked to have my poem included in this beautiful edition of The Rialto one of the UK’s finest poetry mags! (Aug 22)


DIRTY PUZZLE you are my Hobby Horse + seems i have eaten my welcome
2 poems in Writing Disorder (September 2022)



1 of my poems in The Woven Tale Press (July 2022)


Pink Mashed Potatoes always
- New poem in Indicia (July 2022)


GIANT RHUBARB is an Acceptable Risk + last i saw Medusa's Kid - New poems in Biscuit Hill #4! (June 2022)


circling the Airport living the gimmick
- new poem in THE HUNGER (May 2022)


Artwork in Vellum #26!


Pixelated Rainbow Stickman totally at home in MEGA SMART CITY GREAT RESET
- new poem is the latest Sip Cup by TRNSFR BOOKS! (March 2022)

grainy ode sour flat montage + gorse tangle on my couch - 2 Poems in Stride Magazine (UK) (March 2022)

it's OZARK 30 - Poem in this winter's Grey Sparrow Journal (January 2022)


Poems and art in Word For Word (click on pic for full gallery & text)

New poem in The Mantle (May 2021)
our Plots merge it’s an OMNISHAMBLES



really happy to have 4 poems including “your Password to SUPERSTITION MOUNTAIN” in Blackbox Manifold 24 Summer 2020 edition!

All of these i enjoyed performing in a preCOVID world so great to see ‘em re-emerge!


Video Performance of my poem LEVIATHAN'S OCEAN CASINO RESORT as part of Berlin's SAND JOURNAL

Full Day 3 Recording Here (piece as above at 22.50)




Ornamental Hermit you're not wrong - New Poem in Indolent Book's What Rough Beast Series!



My HOT RAIN HARD TOWN series was featured in Otoliths (Southern Hemisphere Autumn Edition) 



6 RECENT POEMS in November's 



In April I was Brooklyn featured Poet Of The Week! click on pic for Interview, Audio 'n' Poem!



Debut poetry full length  MOCK TROUGH RASPING CROW out now on BlazeVOX books



Recent Poems in MAP LITERARY



Tidal Channel Video - SOFT GLITTER COSMOS NEEDS A PIG WAR by Scott Kiernan of E.S.P. TV

Here's the Video Premiere in New Noise Magazine with a short interview 


 Poems In FOLDER





Recent Artwork in MAP LITERARY



I contributed 24 minutes of audio recorded by Thursday Fernworthy of Flow Chart in tribute to John Ashbery,

Full recording of this project with many wonderful contributors is archived at PennSound


Interview with Great Weather For MEDIA 



all works can be purchased at

Hidden House Press